What our customers are saying..

Kaelyn J.

 "Have been wanting to paint our house, but haven't gotten around to doing so. Would suggest JJ Solutions if you are looking into getting yours done. They did our living room, bedroom and closet in less than 3 days, and it turned out awesome!" 

Becca R.

"Excellent painting. Love the colors so fresh looking"

Terri H-B.

"I can't begin to give a good enough recommendation to JJ Solutions. Fantastic job and customer satisfaction is top priority for the them. Our house is gorgeous! Thank you"

Penny H.

 There are probably not enough words to say thank you to this great team. From the very start with Kathy to the very end with the guys. Polite, cooperative, honest and yes they do go out of their way for you, the customer to pick the very best colors and schedule that works for you. Thank you team for all that you did for the Quality, Timely work. Call them, your house will thank you!! 

Rachel K.

They care about details, quality and most importantly YOU and your needs and wants! Most business's come and go without any interaction..I highly recommend JJ Solutions for any projects! 

Tywauna W.

Had the pleasure of working with JJ Solutions a few months ago, and all I can say is 5 Star rating!!! Great prices, fast, detail oriented and professional! Thank you JJ Solutions! 

Erin K.

Thank you for taking on a not so fun wall paper removing and painting project for me at my new office! Also thank you for finishing early and working on a holiday and sunday!!! 

Becky W.

 They just Did a job at our house. Very professional, easy to work with and I'm giddy about the work they did. Thank you 

Pong S.

Thank you so much for doing amazing work on our home!!!! You guys are awesome!! We will recommend you to everyone 

Barbie G.

Awesome job with our deck! Highly recommend to anyone needing help with their deck. Friendly service too 

Penny S.

JJ Solutions did a wonderful job on our home!! They were fast, hard working and super friendly! We would recommend them to anyone!! Thank you guys 

Bridget M.

 We live in Allendale and JJ solutions had no issues getting us a quote and worked into their schedule quickly. They did a great job! Awesome, friendly, professional, trustworthy and skilled group of painters!